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Introducing The Restorer by Sharon Hinck

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Sharon Hinck (right) with Edenstar's Cheryl Bader
Author Sharon Hinck (right) shares a laugh with Edenstar's Cheryl Bader.
Sharon Hinck is the author of the fanstasy novel The Restorer (NavPress, 2007), the first in The Sword of Lyric series. Here Edenstar's Cheryl Bader reflects on her observations of Sharon's journey as a novelist.

I met Sharon Hinck when she joined the Word Servants writer’s group. She came to us with a background in writing humorous and encouraging articles for moms.

One night Sharon brought a new project to the group. It was fiction – surprise number one. Not only that, but it was chapter one of a full-length novel, no small undertaking – surprise number two.

Foolishly thinking the surprises were over, I listened as Sharon read aloud from her new project and set the scene for us: a young soccer mom named Susan who’s been reading about Deborah in the book of Judges in her Bible study. Susan feels drained by the everyday pressures of parenting, so her Mr. Fix-It husband remodels a corner of the attic for her as a refuge. I’m thinking, we’re well on the way to another piece of humorous and encouraging literature for moms.

Enter surprise number three.

While in her attic refuge, Susan is transported to a place that she cannot explain: an empty, ruined city populated only by automated vehicles and strange vermin – and the outlaws who take her captive. They debate whether to kill her or let her live because she carries signs of the long-prophesied Restorer for their people. And suddenly – surprise! – our soccer mom is the star of a fantasy novel.

I instantly fell in love with that story of surprises. Can you really put a soccer mom in the middle of a Braveheart-style conflict and make it work? That’s just what Sharon Hinck did with The Restorer, and it was such a privilege and delight to witness the early days of the creation of this novel.

That was five years ago, before the host of obstacles and the well-meaning individuals who insisted that you couldn’t mix a story for moms with a fantasy story. It just isn’t done.

As Sharon will attest, she didn’t know then that such mixing of milieus wasn’t done – she just did it. And it worked.

So I watched as Sharon faithfully road-tested the novel with both soccer moms and fantasy fans, and received rave reviews from both groups. And Sharon embarked on a journey that sometimes seemed as surreal as her character Susan’s, and that has led at last to the publication of The Restorer from NavPress in May 2007.

To Sharon – Congratulations, faithful soldier. I’m so proud of you.

To readers everywhere – Think that a sword-wielding soccer mom just can’t be done? Be surprised. Experience The Restorer.

-Cheryl Bader, Edenstar Books and Games, May 5, 2007

Contact info: Learn more about Sharon Hinck’s books at her web site, www.sharonhinck.com.

By Sharon
The Restorer, by Sharon Hinck
The Restorer
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