The Endless Knot [Paperback]

Having ascended the throne as Albion’s High King, Llew takes the beautiful Goewyn for his queen. But in the midst of their joyous union, treachery is in the making — forcing Llew to choose between the honor of his kingship and the desire of his heart.

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His decision drives him across the sea, far beyond Albion to the dark terrors and haunted wastes of the Foul Land. There, as the fabric of two worlds unravels, Llew hurtles headlong toward a final conflict with the Brazen Man. In the balance hangs not only the fate of Goewyn, but the very life-song of Albion, contained within the mystical Singing Stones.

Volume 3 of Song of Albion

Zondervan (March 1998). Trade paperback. 415 pages.

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