The Second Mission [Paperback]

What events would humanity choose to observe in time? What singular events define the history of the world? Alan Fisher learned firsthand the objective of the second mission into time. He became an unwilling and accidental participant in a great experiment to record the words and death of Socrates—The Second Mission.

Sophia was his reluctant guide. The second mission was hers, and she didn’t want to share it with anyone. She trained ten years to become Sophia, a Greek woman of 399 b.c. For this one year of history, 400 to 399 b.c., neither Alan nor Sophia could return to their own times. They were linked together for better or worse in the second most important mission of humankind.

Yet Alan Fisher, marooned in time, turned into Sophia’s greatest hope of success, and because of the first mission, Sophia became Alan’s greatest hope of spiritual deliverance. The first mission changed Sophia’s world, and the second mission would also change the future of humanity.

Xulon Press (August 2003). Trade paperback. 324 pages.

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ISBN: 1591607213