Software so legit should find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Software so legit should find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records!


I am never too generous with my compliments!

But when I do compliment, you must take it at face value that I am impressed beyond compare. For I have been in this field for more than five years and by now I know the in and out of it all!

I have been duped several times:

There have been times that I have lost so much money that I was almost on the verge of homelessness. Thank god that I have sufficient skill base to go back to work at any time that I feel.

But during sometime last year, I unraveled brilliant software:

Those were the days when I was looking to begin trading online in cryptocurrencies. It was the time that was scouted to be the best ever a time to invest in bitcoin and the like. The bitcoin had jumped up to six hundred times its original value and also the fastest in the last quarter of that year. There was nothing that couldn’t convince me to take a plunge into it then.

Except of course for the dearth of good trading software!

There was something that was quite intriguing about the internet testimonials that I was reading in a bid to single out the trading software that I had wanted to zero in on. I wanted to be able to be able to get a professional and legit one and if I did not find one then I would have gracefully exited from the thought.

But find I did!

Coincidently, the day I began to almost give up on my plump dream of finding a good one, I hit upon a reviewer whose page took me directly to software that I had heard about often in my trading circles but had never given it a second thought. It was called QProfit System.

The review was layered and structured extremely well:

So, the review was very impressive and I thought of checking it out. In no time I had almost made up my mind that I would open a trading account on this. That day and today, I have made so much money trading that I have almost set up my retirement corpus!

You can read more about QProfit System from my own blog posts or even get on to its website. I promise you that you will be impressed beyond your own expectations. Yes, get on it now!! Thank me later J

  Investment Options to Have a Regular Income in Tension Free Retired Life

  Investment Options to Have a Regular Income in Tension Free Retired Life

When a person gets retired from the service, the regular source of income will not be there. And due to aging, the health conditions will be falling. Therefore by making proper financial planning one can get the regular flow of income during the post-retirement periods. It is necessary to focus on the retirement from the adulthood itself. Mutual funds, public provident fund, and the national pension schemes are available for the investment to have a successful retirement life.

Investment options to have a tension free retirement life

1) Fixed deposit (FDs)

It is the best investment option for those people who are looking for the regular income after retirement. The interest rates for the fixed deposit will vary from the bank to bank. The fixed deposits are offered by the post office and in some companies.

2) Senior citizen saving scheme (SCSS)

After 60 years of age only, one can invest in the SCSS. For those who are taking the voluntary retirement are eligible to invest in this scheme at the age of 55 years. Up to 15 lakhs in multiples of 1000 Rs can be deposited in this scheme. In December 2018, the interest rate for this scheme is about 8.7% per annum.

3) Post office monthly income scheme (MIS)

The interest rate for this scheme is 7.7% and the maturity period is 5years and the maximum investment amount is 4.5 lakhs for the single account and in case of the joint account is 9 lakhs. Taxation is applicable for the income.

4) Monthly income plans (MIPs)

Debt fund is the portfolio of this MIPs and it is a safe one. Liquidity is more with the regular dividend and has low risk. This investment option is safe for the people with the return of the additional income.

5) Investment in equity

The person who plans for the retirement can investment in the equity directly or through the mutual fund. Investment in the mutual fund is the advisable one for the new and small investors. Depending upon the risk of the individual profile the percentage will be allocated. But it is advisable to invest about 20-25% of the retirement corpus in this equity fund. Equity plays an important role in the formation of reserves in the future or one can just choose to trade in the latest automated trading systems such as Qprofit and reap benefits till lifelong. You can read more about QProfit System and safeguard your future.

Why Trading Reviews Are Important For Online Trading

                          Why Trading Reviews Are Important For Online Trading

Every day there are numerous reviews about what and how effective are the trading platforms, online trading is the next big thing that has happened in the evolving digital space. We have an app for everything, right from keeping track of the food we eat, until the sleep-monitoring device; this app-centric world has more to offer when it comes to trading in the financial markets. There are many online brokers who provide the best suggestion to trade in diverse online trade including, binary options trading, cryptocurrency trading, that is immensely popular in the trading fraternity, all these services come with the commission charged that largely vary.

The top brokers charge a higher commission when compared to other brokers; the point to remember is not to get into any illegal and biased opinion and incur huge losses, as the simple rule of the thumb before entering into the online trading is to lose as much only that you can afford. Making incorrect investment choices, is an individual’s own interest, however correct guidance and maximize profits is the dream for every single trader in the online trading game. There are wiser traders who invest in options trading, Futures and stock trading depending how much risk exposure they want to take, based on their Capital Outlay.

The interesting difference comes by while trading online and using app-based stock trading, the tools provided to research, analyze for self-study and understand how the market behaves is important, these features add the cost to the trading interfaces like QProfit System provide round the clock trading features.  As you, read more about Qprofit System, the additional demo session that is provided free of cost for new traders to understand how the entire online trading works is important before jumping the guns, this does not come in the app version, hence the traders should do a little self-study before they foray into the online trading .

While the app version is in the initial stages, many online trading platforms are providing this as an added features to trade through the mobile version with few features that are limited to mobile applications. The number of stars and the honest reviews that other traders, brokers provide does matter to a certain extent when it comes to trading in highly volatile cryptocurrency markets the online version can be tired before heading to the app version. The trades can better understand initially from the online desktop trading, to study the charts and then the app trading can follow.

The Best Trading Apps to Ease Crypto Currency Trading

                     The Best Trading Apps to Ease Crypto Currency Trading

Accessing the financial markets is quite easy if you have the easy and simple tool to increase your investment experience. There are thousands of products, that will look similar and the number of brokers who will vouch for their top picks have the commission in mind, as at the end of the trading day, profit matters to you, and fees matter to the brokers. Choosing offline traders could cost you heavily if you wish to do traditional offline trading, however as we are in the digital age, there is no dearth of online brokers, who help in picking the profitable signals, based on your investment exposure.

All the trading tips, trade signals and other online reads would go wasted, if the investors trust factor is negated by the trading platforms read more about Qprofit System , the reviews based on how individual rate the platform to trade, and have they really profited from this entire volatile market trading experience that is entirely encrypted. Trading apps are the on the go kind of service that trading platforms like QProfit System and others offer, it is more or less like the fast food, that is home delivered.

  • trading apps have the similar features what online trading platforms offer to trade, excepting few important features that are limited due to the paucity of time and other external factors
  • desktop trading was just booming when we have the mobile app trading, with customized dashboards, screen-friendly data of the market movement, research, and analysis of the historical trading trends to give an extra bit of trading tip
  • with watch list trading currency, the app can track the hot and trending currencies to be traded, without being charged for with any fees, and also membership into the gold account gives unlimited margin trading access and extended trading hours, in the 24-hour active crypto exchanges
  • smaller coin investments get rounded to the nearest coin currency and are credited to the trading account, that is actually a clever strategy by the app version business model offered by new startups and digital trading platforms to garner more traffic into their apps
  • the robot advisor analyses your profile and automatically invests in exchange-traded funds to build your diverse profile without limiting to too much equity exposure or high valued currency pairs

As long as the apps are user-friendly and simple to access the users will download and use to benefit their trading time in midst of daily work schedule, the amazing experience to get a small and good payout at end of a trading day without investing time attracts new traders.

How Robust is the Crypto Exchange that You Trade In?

                                     How Robust is the Crypto Exchange that You Trade In?

Crypto exchanges work as the stock exchanges, with the major difference being the currency that is traded, the major shift of investors and traders to foray into crypto-based trading initiated during the deep financial crisis that hit globally. At that point, of time when companies were grasping for the physical oxygen, the green money somewhere from the dark alleys, there rose this digital electronically encrypted coins that had no physical presence, yet became a huge boost for this parallel economy of the virtual trading environment.

Crypto Exchanges usually set the rate of the coin currency both in token form and in encrypted coins form; they perform various functions, more so related to facilitate the trading of cryptocurrencies. They are designed to allow the regular crypto traders to buy and sell with a lower commission that is charged. They also facilitate trading through a trading platform like QProfit System, where there is a charge when the money is withdrawn from the account. They deal in single or paired currencies that are highly volatile, read more about Qprofit System to know how the tools are inherent in the digital trading space, there are many trading platforms, their aim is to educate and earn without investing huge amount of money.

Every exchange calculates and predicts the price of the base cryptocurrency, based on the volumes of trade it handles, as well as the demand and supply of that particular coin currency in the exchanges. Hence, the bigger the exchange, the wider is the scope to trade in different cryptocurrencies across other exchanges without any demographic limitations, and the market sensitive price will be offered by bigger crypto exchanges.

While the pricing is different in every crypto exchange, there could be only a small amount of profit made, if the trading is done in other exchanges. This is helpful in covering the transaction fees that the exchanges charge, depending upon the value and number of trades affected in a particular day.

Trading arbitrage help in trading, with the deferring price of the coin currency, in exchange that allows you to trade with differing prices of the base coin currency. This depends on the extent of research you do to get that small monetary edge over the other traders. Trading can be started with a small amount to open a crypto account and start with demo sessions so that a beginner gets to know how trades are executed electronically.

Basic Functions Of Money Market

Basic Functions Of Money Market

The money market is the exchange market which is organized wherein the participants can borrow and lend high-quality, short-term debt securities that have maturities less than one year. This market facilitates the banks, governments, and other institutions to see the short-term assets in order to fund their immediate cash flow requirements. One can also look at the cryptocurrency market to fund their immediate requirements as this market offers various software like Qprofit system which helps the investor to earn money immediately. Read this post to understand all about it.

The money market also enables the individuals to invest their small funds in the low-risk market. The instruments traded here are certificates of deposits, federal funds, commercial paper, bills of exchange, etc.


Money market helps in contributing to the country’s development and economic stability by offering short-term liquidity to the commercial banks, large organizations and governments. Investors who have excess money at their disposal can invest in this market and earn interest.

Below mentioned are few of the main functions.

Finances trade- This market offers finances to international and local traders who require money urgently to meet their short-term needs. The market provides the facility of discounting the bills of exchange and thus offers immediate funds to pay for the services or goods.  The international traders get benefited from discount markets and acceptance houses. They also offer funds to different units of the economy like small-scale industries and agriculture.

Industrial growth- Money market provides the business with an easy avenue which helps them to get short-term loans so that their working capital needs will be met.  As the businesses engage in transactions that are in large volume, they will experience a shortage of cash with regard to paying the employees, buying raw-materials or meeting any other short-term expenditure.

Central bank policies- Central banks have the responsibility to guide the country’s monetary policy and taking measures that ensures a strong and healthy financial system. The central bank could perform the function of policy-making efficiently with the help of the money market. For instance, the rate of interest in the money market denotes the condition of the banking industry. In addition to this, the market helps the central bank in influencing sub-markets and implements the monetary policy objectives.

Self-sufficiency of commercial banks- Money market offers the facility of the ready market to the commercial banks where they could invest all their excess reserves. It offers them to maintain liquidity and at the same time earn interest.


4Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do

4Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do

There is no shortcut to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You have to go through the difficulties, the hardships, the obstacles and all the other hassles of initiating a business and reap the rewards when the time comes. Moreover, not everything applies to everyone so you have to find out what works for you by going through the litmus test yourself.

What we could tell you is what a successful entrepreneur is known to do and what the 4 things are that he does in order to succeed and grow his business.

  1. They work smarter

Instead of toiling for 24 hours a day and working like a bull on the field, a successful entrepreneur works smarter and not harder. There is no point in trying to do everything by yourself because that will wear you out and you will not be left with much energy to develop new ideas. The simple rule is to hire people and distribute the workload efficiently. This is where your skill will come into play. Find people who have specific skill sets for specific categories of work and employ them accordingly. You can look for talented people with experience from reputed job portals.

  1. Get more work at a lesser cost

Hiring a full-timer might seem like a good idea but if your business is a startup, then it might only add to your budget. A successful entrepreneur knows the cost difference between hiring a freelancer and a full-timer. If his budget is limited, he will get a freelancer to do the same amount of work that a permanent employee will do but at a much lesser cost.

  1. Failures will happen

You will always see and hear successful entrepreneurs emphasizing the normalcy of failures. This is because they have gone through them and they are aware that failures are ladders to a successful stint. If you are prepared to fail then you will also be prepared with solutions and backups. Even if your first venture fails, you should have it in you to try your luck the second time.

  1. They have backups

Having a backup is what most entrepreneurs do and what keeps them afloat. Modern day entrepreneurs invest in different kinds of backups and one of the most popular is trading with the help of this post.  It will keep the cash flowing in even during tough times. One such system is the Qprofit System. You can find more information about it on its official website.

Wall That Keeps Conflicts Away

Wall That Keeps Conflicts Away

Chinese Wall

There is a moral barrier that is present between the members of the company where they are not supposed to communicate with each other in order to prevent any possibility of conflicts of interest. There have been disputes regarding this post as well.  An example would be having a Chinese wall can be present between different sectors were exchanging information could lead to effecting the trades and it would be unfair. In the metamorphic sense, the wall is built to secure the inside information from being leaked and protecting private information which would lead to the creation of negative intimation and also lead to legitimate consequences if the data is shared in an inappropriate manner.

In every business protection of client information and confidential data is very crucial but it is even more important to protect this for companies that offer services that are diverse, like banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. The Glass-Steagall Act was revoked by the Act of 1999 known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. The Glass-Steagall Act put a prohibition on banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions from behaving like a combined organization which means that a single organization could offer both bank facilities as well as insurance policies. As a result of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, there was a rush of mergers and there was an increase in the more diverse types of services. Along with this, there was an increase in the public survey fears. However, there was one thing that was concerning that is protecting and sharing confidential data and personal customer details with those of opposing interests. Since this concern started increasing more and more as a response to it several firms started adoption of the concept of the Chinese Wall.

The name Chinese Wall was derived after the Great Wall of China which as we all know is impermeable ancient construct which is 5,500 miles in length and was constructed to provide protection to China from its enemies. When the stock market of U.S. crashed in the year 1929, this name came into existence. This market crash resulted it was suggested by the regulators to form a Chinese Walls between the investment bankers and brokers. There is pressure building up in order to control the industry therefore along with this a new legislation was passed. Hence, all the companies started to imposing a Chinese Wall concept by self-regulating in order to restrain the government from breaking apart their operations.




Basic Concepts Of Algorithmic Trading

Basic Concepts Of Algorithmic Trading

The process of using a computer program or the set of instructions(an algorithm) is called algorithmic trading. It is also called black box trading, automated trading and also trading. It places the trade in a speed and a frequency to generate more profit which is impossible for the human trader. Here the algorithm is based on the time, price, quantity or mathematical model. In this trading market made more liquid and more systematic where it overrules the emotions of human in trading activities.

Benefits of algorithmic trading                               

1) Best prices are offered by the trading

2) Order placement for the trade will be instant and accurate

3) Transaction cost is less

4) For multiple market trading, an automated check is available

5) No risk of manual error

Algorithmic trading strategies   

Common trading strategies used in algo trading for improved earnings and cost reduction is as follows. And read more about QProfit System which is found to be the best one readily available to sign up algorithmic trading.

1) Trend following strategies

It is the most common, easy and simple strategies of algorithmic trading in channel breakouts, trends in moving averages and technical indicators. There is no prediction of price in this strategy. Based on the desirable trend occurrence trades are carried out which is found to be easy and straightforward. The algorithm is not involved in any complex predictive analysis.

2)Arbitrage opportunities    

In one market stock will be bought at a lower price and simultaneously in another market the stock will be sold at a higher price, gives the price differentials at free from risk profit. Replication of this process for stocks vs future instruments from time to time. To identify this price difference the algorithm is implemented and places the order for profit in an efficient manner.

3) Index fund rebalancing

They have the defined periods of rebalancing to respective indices. It provides the opportunities for the traders to expect 20 to 80 basis points profits which depends upon the number of stocks.

4)Trading range      

Also called mean reversion strategy, in which assets high and low prices are the temporary phenomenon revert to the average value.

5) The volume weighted average price

This strategy uses the stock specific profiles to break up a large order to a smaller one into the market.


To make the money effortlessly you can go for the automation by the computers. Make sure that the system is tested and have required limits of sets and by careful use, algorithmic trading creates more profit.



















When Was The Last Time You Took A Nifty Financial Decision?!

When Was The Last Time You Took A Nifty Financial Decision?!


Trading software and the talks surrounding it:

I have been a stock market investor all my life and I have been an avid fan of evolving technologies. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how technology is able to and is changing the investing scape in today’s world. I distinctly remember how we use to trade even ten years ago.

Today, we do not even have to be out of the bed in our bedroom to be able to trade. Why you can even make huge profits in the dead of the night when most of the people in the world are blissfully sleeping, you could be actually adding more and more money into your bank account.

Online trading is a boon no doubt:

Ever since online trading in binary options has taken over the world, I have reduced my actual physical financial portfolio and also now refuse to go to the stock market to trade. Why go all the way when the stock market can come down to you?

I am talking about the convenience of trading and how!

There was a time when you could never even think of trading from within your own living rooms! Today, thanks to hundreds of trading software, you can sit in the luxury of your own houses and trade at will any part of the day or the night. If this is not convenience, then what is? Online markets never close their shutters and that is precisely why it is possible to trade at will.

I have sometimes felt lucky in the middle of the night too:

Let’s face it. I have had stressful work days when I would have wondered where my life was heading! I have had days when I would have been most productive but so extremely stressed as well. Some of these long days, I have tried my hand at online trading more because of boredom and for looking for a change. I cannot tell you how exhilarating and stress relieving it is to win at online trading!

It has worked for me:

Of the tens of trading software that I have tried and tested, there are a couple of them that are my favorite. But the one software that has stayed with me all through my trading career and never-ever let me down is QProfit System. You can read more about QProfit System from their website. Why do I feel that soon you will be hooked to it soon?!!