A Keynote On Audit Programme

A Keynote On Audit Programme

Usually, it is advisable to conduct an audit programme for every single audit and more specifically for the bigger ones. Further, this programme contains an examination and verification process where each step is inter-related to another of the accounting set records of the client. Or more clearly, an audit agenda can be defined as the briefing of the client’s accounting books on the basis of applying certain instructions to meet the audit objectives.

Each venture has different working characteristics like variable size, structure, and configuration. Thus, the evaluating criteria of one business may not suit the other one. Hence, applying the same audit programme to all business is not at all practically a possible thing. Therefore, it becomes an immediate requirement to pre-specify the auditing details, so that no actual time is wasted for the auditing process unless any special case is encountered.

The course of the audit programme

Mainly the auditing programme comprises a sequence of examination processes that can be applied to the financial statements of the business firm to collect a true and fair picture of the accounting session of the company. Here are some points that need to be regarded in view of programme construction.

  • Confine to the limit and extent of the dealing project
  • Collect all the possible evidence that satisfy your personal quest.
  • Be sure of applying those specific steps that can easily accomplish the verification procedures.
  • Do not forget to consider all the possible accounting errors
  • Finally, coordinate every required data and procedure that is already applied to the accounting records

However, the auditor needs evidence to clarify the doubts regarding accounting and also for certifying the records. This is the primary task associated with the auditor.

Pros of an audit programme

  • While planning out for an audit programme, one gets the clear-cut instructions of work to be done generally for an audit.
  • Further, it gives a total outlook of work perspective to be conducted.
  • Choosing the assistants for the confined job becomes easier when the whole work is disintegrated into different sessions like planning, defining and working out.
  • An audit is fully based on a mental planning where there can be great possibilities of errors occurring while dealing with books and records. Hence, working under a pre-planned framework helps avoid such dangers and assist in completing the course successfully and systematically.
  • Further, all the conducted processes serve as a standard for conducting an audit for the successive years.



Importance Of An Investment Advisor

Importance Of An Investment Advisor

Managing finances could be a challenging task for a person who is not aware of the ways of investing it. Everyone hear about all the possible options to grow their finances but are always worried about actually doing it. Financial markets can offer a lot of possibilities to increase the money but without the proper guidance, it is difficult to ensure good returns. Studying the market trends and understanding of all the scams happening in the financial market can also be helpful. There are many websites that have information about the market happenings in detail.

The investment advisors play an important role by encouraging people investing their hard earned money and incur good returns. It is also important to choose a right financial advisor who would understand your choices and suggest the appropriate investment options.

Below are the reasons why one should consider taking help from investment advisors:

1) Financial Status: A right investment advisor will help you analyze your current financial status by interpreting the assets, liabilities and the net income. Before giving any investment suggestions, a good advisor will first check if you have enough capital to invest after completing all the commitments.

2) Guidance on Investments: People not aware of all the possibilities can find it confusing to look for perfect options to earn good returns. A good investment advisor not only helps analysis the financial status but also suggest good investment options. Smart Investment advisor analyzes the trader’s investment capital, the risks he is ready to take and the capabilities to making the right decisions before recommending the right investment options.

3) Planning Budget: When managing finances, a lot of things need to be considered, the monthly expenses, expenses that occur once in a while or expenses that can occur when no one expects. And all this can be very difficult without the right guidance from the investment advisors. They can help us plan our budget based on the current expenses and suggest options that can provide us with finances when required. A good investment advisor will not only look for good returns but also suggest for options if the investments don’t turn out as expected.

4) Reduce financial stress: When we are getting a good financial advice we can feel less stressed. A good investment advisor will keep in mind the short-term as well as long-term goals when investing. This will ensure that we will have the financial back up in time of need. Investment advisors work to keep themselves updated on all the financial changes happening all over the global market. Their suggestions are based on their knowledge and research and so there are fewer possibilities of errors compared to someone who is not in touch with the volatile markets.

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Trading Futures

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Start Trading Futures

If you are looking for an investment option that gives you great returns with an impressive level of control and flexibility, trading is one of the best choices. Trading stocks, trading currencies, and digital currencies are all very common. You would find a lot of information online about all these instruments. So starting your trading journey would not be a trouble at all. If you are planning to upgrade your portfolio if you are looking to maximize your profits futures trading is a valuable addition to your investment plan.

In futures trading, there is the futures contract that is struck between the seller and the buyer. This is a contract that talks about a trade that would happen at some point in the future. The commodity or the security that is actually being represented in the contract differs. The history behind futures dates back to when futures contracts were used in agriculture by farmers who signed a contract to hedge against the variation in yields as well as the price of the crops. But now trading futures is one of the most profitable options suggested for those who wish to take home large returns.

Price changes occur frequently

Price changes are prone to occur with all the assets. But how quickly they happen and in what direction determines the speed at which the profits can be made and the size of the profits made. In retail trading as well as stock trading large price movements can sometimes lead to the gaps in price during the execution of the actual order. While trading futures there is a predictability that helps traders reduce the risks.

Benefits in terms of the taxes

Trading futures also comes with certain tax benefits that are not applicable to the other trading plans. Take the 60-40 tax rule for futures trading for example. There is a different rate of tax being levied on 60% of the gains and the other 40%. There would not be the need to pay a huge tax on the entire profit made.

Hedging option

Those who are looking to strengthen their risk management strategies consider trading futures as a great option to hedge against any unfavorable volatility in the market. Once you lock the price any changes in the market would not affect the profits that you make.

Besides these advantages, futures also makes short selling very simple. It is also permitted in the futures contract.

Ways For Retirement Savings

Ways For Retirement Savings

Everyone must have the habit of saving money for their future life. Saving is the best way to safeguard our lives. We should teach our children about the importance of savings in the early age. The aged people will always have an insecure feeling within themselves. So, they will try to save money for their future. Let us take a closer look at this article about the ways for retirement savings.

  1. Open an IRA:

IRA is nothing but the individual retirement account which is mandatory for every person for their retirement savings. Generally, we have two options on this, one is traditional IRA which will be based on our income right now and the second one will be based on our spouse workplace. But, there are some eligibility criteria for this retirement account. We can check the types of IRA and choose from that based on our expectations.

  1. Reduce our spending:

We should always put a budget before we spend. Because overspending will ruin our life and the future will be a question mark. So, we should reduce our spending and we should spend money based on the priority. If we spend less and save more now, it will be very helpful to lead a smooth life in future.

  1. Save extra funds:

When we have more money in hand, there is no need that we have to spend all now itself. We can plan it wisely and save it for our retirement goals. The extra funds we save will always help us in our future life. So, go with the budget and spend accordingly.

  1. 401(k) plan:

If we have a 401(k) plan, then it will be a great advantage for our retirement life. It is possible to invest more income on it.

  1. Concessions for senior citizens:

There are many concessions provided for the persons who are more than the age of 50. So, we should use those concessions in a wise manner and save the money for our future retirement plans. The senior citizens will get concessions even when they book a train ticket says 50%. So, this is a very good advantage for them.


Thus conclude we all have some fear in mind about our future life after retirement. So, we should make use of our money in such a way that we can save it for the future. If the above things occur in a right way, our retirement life will be the best ever for us.

Here Is The Most Flexible Merchant Service Provider For Your Success

Here Is The Most Flexible Merchant Service Provider For Your Success

When you are in search for that dream home, you might be in a dilemma whether or not to take the help of a real estate broker thinking of their high commissions, reliability over the quality of the recommended property and communication compatibility. What if you really bump on to a professional broker who knows his job well and your hopes, and at the same time charges only for the satisfaction you receive without burdening you? No second thoughts on this.

We hereby present before you a real International Sales Organization that works for individual business establishments according to the need and heed of the customers and not as a mere profit digging company.

What we do so that you grow with your aspirations?

The best multitaskers in the area of online payments and credit card transactions, there is nothing we do not attend and there is nothing that we charge for and you can see this in our testimonials. We get the price for what we sell and these are:

We open fresh individual merchant accounts for merchants who wish to accept credit card payments. The time for activation of the account depends on the urgency of the transaction processing and the charge depends on the facilities demanded exactly by the merchant.

For those merchants who have shifted to virtual terminals for receiving payments, we manage their accounts and payment gateways to link with their existing accounts without additional surcharges. If Ethereum Code decides to offer digital currencies as a payment mode, we will have options to support that too.

The merchants who would like to have a better payment processor in terms of suitability to their payment methods, customer preferences, and comfortable card associations can get our personalized processors, created in partnership with the leading financial service providers.

We have provided a very unique facility that caters to the growing opinion with respect to financial services for the merchants is the almost uniform discount rates, application and processing charges for small-scale and large-scale merchants and emerging businesses. If your business is emerging, startup services give you the assistance from zero level until you achieve the state of financial independence. For a larger setup, if you want to scale down your operation, you can subsequently scale down the ISO services without any penalties even if the contract period is running.

With all our services, you get free and dedicated technical support to clear your minds off the thought of transaction troubles.

Q Profit System – Exclusive Report

The trading market as all of us know is a very huge and widespread market and becoming a part of this field, though a very easy task, becoming a successful trader is the hitch and this is where many of the traders fail. What could be the reason for this? A bad start?  No, a start with a bad system. Yes, it is the system that fails them and it is not them who really fail. Every person becomes a trader only after he gets into the trading field through a software that promises to help him throughout the trading process and when this proves to be a swindled application, the trader loses and again it is not him but the system that has failed him.

A clear knowledge and understanding of the trading market are very important when comes to trading online because there is nothing that the applications lose but it is the trader who loses his money, his interests and urges to continue in the trading field. So a sound knowledge about trading and the various trading applications become very important. With this elaborate explanation and detailing, people should not come to the conclusion that the trading field is entirely filled with such fraudulent trading applications for we also have some very reliable and legit ones, joining hands with whom the trader would be able to taste the fruits of success and we have some very popular and authentic systems like the Q profit system who make their presence and introduction into this market mainly to help the traders have a bright trading future.

What do you need to know about this system?

Before getting into any system, it is important for all the traders to get to know the background of the system`s development`s story. Yes, every reliable software comes from the hands of a very reliable and known professional in the trading market who generally takes to such inventions after having a good number of years of experience. It is this experience and knowledge in the field that gives them all power and confidence in developing a system with a solution for the regular and common problems faced in this market. Every system is developed on the shortcomings of another system and this is the basic principle or the theory on which this market exists and it is this that allures and attracts the attention of the traders. Now, this is a system that has been developed on the same lines and hence is a legitimate one.


Niamh and the Hermit : A Fairy Tale [Paperback]

The daughter of a king and a fairy, the Princess Niamh is glorious fair – perhaps overly so. Her incredible beauty proves a curse for no man can withstand even a moment in her presence without running mad. Suitor after suitor is turned away, since no one regardless of family name or credentials is able to approach the Princess without suffering intense burning. The kingdom’s only hope rests upon a most unusual bridegroom: the Hermit. With the claws and wings of an eagle, and the head and tail of a lion, the mystery of a magician, and the piety of a saint, he alone may hold her – that is, if he can find his bride before she is led to perdition by the wicked Count and his shadowy minions.

Written in the evocative lyric style of Lord Dunsany, Niamh and the Hermit is an exploration and exultation of the classic fairy tale, blended with the imaginative complexity of a Tolkien-esque subcreated world.

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The author weaves fantasy and fable together in a beautifully written tale of love and deception, valor and weakness, hope and fury.

Ages 12 and up

3 maps – 21 illustrations by the author.

Arx Publishing (June 2003). Trade paperback. 278 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.christianfantasy.net/twelvekingdoms/index.html

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Niamh and the Hermit : A Fairy Tale.

Edenstar Review:
The subtitle for “Niamh and the Hermit” by Emily C.A. Snyder is “A Fairy Tale,” but this is not your typical bedtime story. It’s not even a children’s story, strictly speaking. This story of courtly romance and a dangerous quest may be best appreciated by ages 12 and up.

In “Niamh and the Hermit,” the king and queen have an unusual problem. Their only child, the princess Niamh (pronounced Nee-EHV according to the book’s end notes) is too beautiful and pure for any suitor to approach her. The only hope for the continuation of the royal line rests with a mysterious Hermit, rumored to have the head of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the humility of a saint. They correspond before they meet and fall in love.

But a power-hungry Count opposes the match and lures the princess into debasing herself and destroying her beauty. The king fails to recognize his disfigured daughter and unwittingly banishes her. Niamh flees in shame just before the long-awaited arrival of the bridegroom.

Heartbroken, the Hermit embarks on a quest to find Niamh, who has become such a shadow of her true self that others can no longer see her. Meanwhile the Count continues to oppose the Hermit, aided by demonic shadows that few can see. Knights and fairies and a unicorn all have a part to play in the unfolding drama of the Hermit’s search. And the princess herself must face many dangers and undergo a long journey of transformation.

“Niamh and the Hermit” portrays a medieval Christian society. At one point under the queen’s questioning we learn that the Hermit in his inner torment has refrained from Holy Communion (“the cup and the host”) for twenty years. Themes of sacrificial love recur throughout the story, as well as other themes of the Christian faith such as humility and forgiveness and right uses of power.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature of “Niamh and the Hermit” is its use of language. Younger readers may find the “thee’s” and “thou’s” a challenge, but help is available in “A Brief Note on Pronouns” at the end. The broad vocabulary used in the book offers many lessons in medieval terms and practices. Though it may not appeal to all tastes, the highly formal style suits the story’s dramatic context. “Niamh and the Hermit” is beautifully written, an elegant and artistic addition to Christian literature.

Beautiful language may be the greatest strength of “Niamh and the Hermit,” but the attention to style at times comes at the expense of story and characters. It is a small weakness, however, in what is overall a very strong book. The book represents an artistic achievement on another level as well: It includes numerous illustrations by the author of key characters, and sheet music for the melody line of four songs related to the story.

For the literary-minded reader, “Niamh and the Hermit” offers a delightful tale of heroism and romance, well worth the read. Recommended.

Reviewed October 1, 2003 for Edenstar by Cheryl Bader.

Crypto Code- Reliability Report

It is always the reliability report and the comments that make a trading platform or an application a successful one in the market and among the traders. This is because traders have now understood the tricks and traps of the fraudulent trading applications and hence they always take to the reviews and comments before deciding or finalizing their investments on a particular trading platform. And it is probably the best way to have a reliable and enjoyable trading experience. Trading is always fun not just because you get to earn some money but also because you get to learn some very important points about the trading field which is possible given or granted only when you decide to play with the reliable systems. But how many traders get the first break as their best break in this field? Only a few.

Cryptocurrency trading is now picking up the pace in the trading market. This is not some new software with some new concepts or trading views and ideas but is same as the binary trading platform with the difference that trading here happens in Cryptocurrency and not just the assets alone like the binary trading market.

An insight

Crypto code is a new cryptocurrency trading software in the Cryptocurrency trading field and this has been developed and introduced into the market by Derrick Simmons who is a professional trader as well as a person with a high interest in forex. It is his undying interest in trades that motivated him to develop a system in the Cryptocurrency trading market. The development and designing of this system have included many best analysts and researchers in this process and it is their efforts and brains that have given us such a promising system in this field. This system is also known for its best technology, use of the latest technological tools and also for its accuracy rate. The rates promised to the traders is 95% in the name of returns which is really an acceptable and high number in the market and the best part is all this happens for just a deposit of $250.

This system teams up with only the best cryptocurrencies to mine and also the best Cryptocurrency brokers in the market. The reliability and recommendations for this system are very high and it is very clear and evident from the full report and testimonials posted by the trades who have been successful here on this software.

The Second Mission [Paperback]

What events would humanity choose to observe in time? What singular events define the history of the world? Alan Fisher learned firsthand the objective of the second mission into time. He became an unwilling and accidental participant in a great experiment to record the words and death of Socrates—The Second Mission.

The first and the primary objective of any trader entering the trading field is making some profits with a little amount of money deposited into a reliable system that is known to be helping the traders with either a profit or daily earnings. But is this possible with all the trading platforms? Do all of them help the traders? Sadly no and most of them help themselves rather than helping the traders. All the money invested by such traders are gobbled up by some fraudulent systems and it is the presence of such systems that are stopping many interested traders from getting into the trading field.

Crypto code, a little deviated from such thoughts is a very reliable and legitimate system that is aimed and formed for helping the traders and their trading interests by bringing some sort of profits or benefits to their efforts. Yes, this is a system that has been formed based on reliability as the base and hence traders can without a second thought start trading on Cryptocurrency through this platform. Cryptocurrency trading, though is a new concept in the market, is not a very difficult one and is just like the binary trading concept. Try trading here today and check your luck in making some riches here for it is very simple and demands nothing extra.

Sophia was his reluctant guide. The second mission was hers, and she didn’t want to share it with anyone. She trained ten years to become Sophia, a Greek woman of 399 b.c. For this one year of history, 400 to 399 b.c., neither Alan nor Sophia could return to their own times. They were linked together for better or worse in the second most important mission of humankind.

Yet Alan Fisher, marooned in time, turned into Sophia’s greatest hope of success, and because of the first mission, Sophia became Alan’s greatest hope of spiritual deliverance. The first mission changed Sophia’s world, and the second mission would also change the future of humanity.

Xulon Press (August 2003). Trade paperback. 324 pages.

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of The Second Mission.

Product Code: 1729
ISBN: 1591607213

Portal [Hardcover]

What would you give to change your past?

Joseph Turner’s life was irrevocably altered by a mistake he made fifteen years ago.

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As a result, the girl he loved died while he was powerless to save her. He never forgave himself.

Now, he has the opportunity to change that event and shape the past to his own design. Haunted by his mistakes, Joseph invents the world’s first working time machine – and he’s going back to make things right. Unfortunately, each time he steps through the portal, things get worse. But he will find a way to save her – no matter what the consequences. And if he succeeds, the last fifteen years will have never happened.

The only person who can stop him is Tim Jarrell, Joseph’s best friend who’s running through the years to reach him before it’s too late.

Two men fight to control yesterday. Only one will succeed. The race has begun. The past…is history.

Volume 1 of The Timeslip Trilogy

iUniverse, Inc (August 2003). Hardcover. 244 pages.

Author Web Site(s): http://www.brianreaves.net/

Author Interview: See the November 7, 2003 Edenstar interview with Brian Reaves.

Check out reviews at Amazon.com of Portal.

See the review at ChristianFictionReview.com.

Edenstar Review:
Joseph Turner is a brilliant researcher who has one driving goal: to perfect a time machine. His secret plan is to go back 15 years to correct a tragic mistake that cost the life of Carla Gerrard, the girl he loved.

Thanks to the financial and technological backing of Strand Industries, Joseph succeeds in building a TMD: a Temporal Manipulation Device. With Thomas Strand pushing for results, Joseph risks his life as the first human subject in his experiments-even though the first time traveler, a rabbit, died. Joseph embarks on a quest to rewrite his tragic history. And it will all be so easy….

But his haste leads to new and potentially disastrous consequences. Joseph’s assistant and best friend, Tim Jarrell, discovers a critical flaw in the settings that results in psychotic changes in Joseph. Tim corrects the flaw and chases Joseph back to the past to prevent Joseph’s destruction. After some unexpected interference, multiples of Tim and Joseph appear, chasing and being chased through the past. With history being continually rewritten for the characters, the plot takes several turns. It is to the author’s credit that he brings this complex story to a satisfying conclusion, with room for two announced sequels.

Author Brian Reaves has created a complex storyline the reader can follow, although I did need to reread some of the trickier sections. But they work. There are several throwaway bits that are easy to ignore as incidental, but they become crucial later. There is no deus ex machina. The subplots are integral and can’t be told linearly.

A key aspect of this kind of story is that time travel changes reality. The descriptions of the changes are vivid and imaginative, especially when characters see them coming. Joseph’s gradual adaptation to the new reality that he’s caused is also believable.

There is comic relief, both in dialogue and in situations. It adds to the realism in a story that’s otherwise far-fetched, as are all time-travel stories. Joseph’s escape from Strand’s bathroom is a hoot, as is Ted the overly enthusiastic security guard.

Portal is primarily a story of two likeable, plausible friends who happen to be involved in a time-travel adventure. Mr. Reaves successfully keeps the emphasis on the characters-their personalities, relationships, and motivations. For example, Tim has been a Christian since his youth. His faith is clear and present, but isn’t regularly thrust at the reader. His one extended faith conversation with Joseph is believable, not a cliché.

Carla’s scenes are heartwrenching. They have an emotional dimension that is uncommon in science fiction and they show that the author understands his characters and what drives them. In spite of her minimal presence, we can see why she moves Joseph so much, and why he will do anything to save her.

Ashton is the most enigmatic character. He’s barely there, but has a commanding presence whenever he appears. Clearly, his role will grow in the next two volumes, but in this book it’s ambiguous.

Mr. Reaves introduces the necessary science without distracting the reader. His explanations are plausible, clear, and coincide with established speculations. I don’t know whether he could have elaborated about “light cones” without becoming unreadable, but this is a small quibble. The only actual gap is the reference to a “mysterious substance” used in building the time machine. A brief explanation of its origin would be helpful.

My single concern is the violence. It’s brief, but it’s intense. However, it involves a semi-psychotic character acting out of uncontrollable rage. It’s not a significant factor, but it does illustrate the evil that has begun to corrupt him. His return to sanity is believable.

Overall, this is one of the most satisfying books I’ve read in a long time. Since it’s the first in a trilogy, there are questions that won’t be answered until the next books. And we can be sure that the story won’t be dragged out until the end of time! Highly recommended.

Reviewed October 25, 2003 for Edenstar by Bill Bader.

Product Code: 1514
ISBN: 0595658962