I Have To Come Across Something More Legit Than This Yet!


I Have To Come Across Something More Legit Than This Yet!


The headlines screamed on my face!

As soon as I had opened my browser in the morning, there was news. Not the normal news but news in big fonts and in cyan color staring into my face. It cried shrill “Scam Exposed” “The scam is out” and “don’t Trust this Software” and I began trembling to my bones.

Only a couple of days before, I had invested my hard earned money to the tune of $250 which is also the minimum initial deposit into the trading software called the QProfit System reviews of which were extremely favorable.

I had done my homework well and I had been extremely prudent is asking around. Then what had gone wrong?

It so happened that over the period of two and half days since I signed up on the software and opened a trading account there, I switched on the autopilot mode first then changed my mind to switch to mechanical mode of trading and then last night again I had switched on the autopilot mode before I hit the bed.

My fingers were frozen!

I could not gather any guts to type my details on the browser to be taken to my trading account. How can things change overnight? I know the finance sector is whimsical but like this!

I began typing my password and what do I see!

My account balance is intact and I have made a whopping additional profit of $58 in the time that I was peacefully slumbering.

Then why this scare?

I tried logging on to the internet to see why the scare emails and headers were all over the internet. it turned out that a certain spam software with vested interests in various fraud software was spreading rumors about this perfectly legit software.

The modus operandi:

I realized that while being legit software is never an option to the frauds that are rampant on the internet in the form of trading software, slinging mud on the genuine software is one of their ways to be able to create confusion in the minds of naïve traders. Why even an experienced trader would be confused and can take a terribly bad decision.

I resisted the temptation of not reporting this but eventually did it in the greater good:

I wanted to be able to warn all the well meaning traders about the possible fraud that these spineless scammers are capable of by only dropping a seed of suspicion against a genuine program. I wanted to tell them that rest assured, this fantastic software called the QProfit System is perfectly legit.