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Meeting a Need
Bill and Cheryl Bader
For Christians who enjoy science fiction and fantasy, finding the fiction we like to read can be tough.

The traditional Christian bookstore shelves science fiction with other fiction. So we sort through prairie romances to find the occasional science fiction or fantasy title.

In the general-market bookstore, Christian science fiction is shelved with other science fiction, if it's carried at all. So here again we sift through inappropriate material to find the books we like to read.

That's why we started Edenstar Books and Games in February 2003. We believe there are many others like us, who would love to read more Christian-themed science fiction and fantasy, if they just knew where to find it.

How We Got Here

So we put on our research hats. With over 20 years' experience in reference work with the St. Paul Public Library, Bill gathered data for our catalog of over 600 items—and the list is still growing.

Meanwhile Cheryl's diverse collection of skills, including database development and web design, has been put to good use in developing this site. When not messing around with computers, she is seeking publication for her novel titled 'The Maker's Pool', so that one day it too can be featured here.

Thanks for taking the time to read Our Story. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improving this site. Feel free to drop us an e-mail using the Contact Us page, or directly to bill@edenstarbooks.com.

Bill and Cheryl Bader
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