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Let’s start, as is customary, from the bottom line of the “standings”. The tenth place is occupied by the villainous cat! More precisely, the villain cat. Seriously, we are talking about the same snow-white cat who doesn’t hold Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the famous villain of Bondiana and the main enemy of agent 007. He appeared in six “official” James Bond films, as well as in the film “Never say never, a remake of Ball Lightning. Well, this character entered our list solely thanks to the cat – a snow-white Angora, whom Blofeld literally does not get away with.

The line above, in ninth place, was a parody cat – that same villainous cat from Bond. After all, the Austin Powers series is a parody of the James Bond series, yes. So here, too, there is a cat, which the main villain, Doctor Evil himself, does not get away with. His name is Mr. Bigglesworth. Unlike his prototype, Mr. Bigglesworth is a beautiful and furry citizen of the Persian breed, and after cryogenic freezing, he becomes a sphinx at all.

In eighth place is a cat named Buttercup, representing yet another iconic film, The Hunger Games. Fluffy, like his mistress, Katniss Everdeen, is going through many trials, from bombing to attempted drowning. But, like Fiery Kitnice, never gives up. This is a real cat fighter, a grated kalach with a torn ear and a broken nose. Katniss and Buttercup have a difficult relationship, but as they say, they cannot survive alone …

Seventh place. This is a cat that entered the history of cinema almost by accident. There is a legend that during the filming of “The Godfather” a cat made his way to the site. Anything, not according to the script – just a cat. Marlon Brando, who played the role of Vito Corleone, took the pussies in his arms, the director said: “Stop, shot!”, And later it turned out that the cat looks great in the frame and in general to face the main mafioso.

In sixth place is the devilish cat Church from the legendary “Pet Cemetery”. At first, an ordinary cat, he dies under the wheels of a truck, and then “returns”, but not in the usual feline appearance, but … However, this is a very, very scary story. By the way, the cat Leo, who played the part of Church, just a few days ago left us on a rainbow.

The fifth position in the ranking is occupied by the nameless cat. Yes, it happens like this: red, fluffy, chic, but no name. Such a cat appears in the Coen Brothers film “Inside Lewin Davis” – according to the plot, the main character performed by Oscar Isaac should look after this cat. True, then it turns out that this is not at all, but completely different, but this does not cancel the popularity of the four-legged character.

The fourth-place went to the fake cat. That is, created using computer graphics for the movie “Mouse Hunt”. The name is Cotzilla’s cat, and it is with him that the main character (or the main character?) Of the picture must fight – a mouse named Mount Verbinski. What can I say – comedy…

We pass to the top three. A “bronze medal” is given to a cat named Cat. That’s how simple and tasteful they are called Pet Audrey Hepburn in the mega cult movie of all time “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. In reality, the cat, of course, had a name, his name was Orange, and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was not his only movie work. Kitty also starred in the films Incredibly Shrinking People and even in the series Mission: Impossible. Movie star, and more!

In second place is a red cat with the cosmic name Orion. He is known to a wide audience for the film “Men in Black”: this is the favorite of one of the aliens, the Arkillian Gert Rosenberg. In the film, the cat wears a galaxy on its collar – is that not the reason for its such a high position in the ranking?

And finally, the champion. And he is also red! In 1979, he starred in Ridley Scott’s “Alien” film, and seven years later another great director, James Cameron, again offered the movie veteran a role in his film “Aliens”. The felinoid actor, of course, did not refuse – and who would have acted differently? The result, as they say, is obvious: red – at the top of the charts!

It is only curious was the drafters of this rating have gone to other famous filmcats? For example, Garfield, Cheshire Cat, Puss in Boots?

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