Cat tales for children and adults

These paintings can be viewed for hours: they are kind, bright, bewitching And there are also cats in these paintings!

Alexander Maskaev is from Siberia, graduated from the Tyumen Art College, and now lives and works in the town of Lukhovitsy, on the border of the Moscow and Ryazan regions. This is where the monument to pickles, you know? The real Russia!

The artist is called the founder of the author’s direction, called fairy tales in painting for children and adults. Alexander himself says that this is a rather rare direction: “To some extent, it intersects with illustrations. Among contemporary artists working in this genre, few are known to me. Of the painters of the last century, a striking representative of fairy-tale, epic painting is Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. But if Vasnetsov painted pictures based on well-known fairy tales, then Maskaev composes his tales himself. It turns out great!

Here, for example, is an amazing thing: cats and mice are simultaneously present in his paintings. And there’s no Tom and Jerry for you: no one catches up with each other, eternal enemies live in peace and joy, go fishing together, drink tea with raspberries in the company of Baba Yaga, walk along unknown paths, in short, they are friends. Alexander believes that with such stories he makes the world a kinder place But the main character, the central, so to speak, figure of Alexander Maskaev’s work is a red cat named Kuzma. This is because in Russia a red cat in the house has always been to wealth and prosperity!

Of course, Maskaev loves animals: “Animals have always been in my house cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, and mice. They all got along and get along not only with us but also among themselves. Watching them, it’s easy to come up with stories. For example, when you see a cat starting to play with itself, it’s easy to imagine that the brownie decided to play the fool with him. Here is a plot that you don’t have to go far. Pets are an inexhaustible source of love, devotion, and warmth that we all lack so much. Sometimes there’s simply nowhere else to take them The beautiful worlds of the artist Maskaev, by his own admission, resemble windows in a parallel world. A world filled with kindness…

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