Cats are an antidepressant

If you have a cat, consider that you are incredibly lucky: it will not allow you to get bored and get depressed even during the quarantine. Just the look of a fluffy (or not so) pet can cheer up and make the self-isolation mode less painful. Here’s how, for example, the Japanese Cat Navi Desk You Tuber experimented with his cats by the way, even before this, as they say, became mainstream See how a blogger taught his favorites how to ask for food. This is not trampling your master at five in the morning: get up, they say, man, cats are hungry this is a real example of aristocratic manners. Just like in a restaurant!

How is a cat’s everyday meal different from a gala dinner? Cat Navi Desk will tell!

A talented person and talented cats. Or vice versa? We don’t know who they first started there, but pianist seals are cool, aren’t they? The cat concert begins!

And finally, the most antidepressant video we found on the Internet! Cats and dominoes honestly, you have not seen anything nicer for a long time. Well, at the same time, there are also baskets and boxes everything, as cats love. You can watch for hours And how do you entertain your favorites during quarantine? Or maybe they entertain you?

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