Cats vs Christmas trees

It remains a little more than a week before the New Year, which means that in most houses fluffy Christmas trees are already flaunting. Even if you have not had time to decorate the main symbol of the holiday, you will probably do so in the coming days. Tradition, however. The Christmas tree is, of course, great, but if you have a cat in your house, you should think not only about your joy but also about the safety of your pet.

Cats literally go crazy with Christmas trees. Why? Well, firstly, because cats can appreciate the beautiful! But seriously, several factors influence the increased attention of cats to the tree: the suddenness of its appearance in the house and the sudden change in the behavior of the owner, who suddenly began to spend more time with this incomprehensible tree than with his beloved cat. And finally, toys and other decorations hanging on the trees usually sparkle and sway, especially if you touch them with your paw.

And cats that were conceived by nature as hunters are always attracted to moving objects. And then, it smells! The smell of needles is sharp, bright, saturated. We don’t know for sure whether cats like him, but he certainly attracts their attention.

Therefore, seals first perceive the appearance of the tree “with hostility”, and then, when perplexity and fear go away, they begin to develop a new “territory” for themselves.

This is where the time comes to worry in earnest, and the real cat-house has plenty of reasons for concern. Will the cat swallow a toy or tinsel? Alas, it’s sure to swallow – the cat’s tongue is so arranged: its bristles are directed inward, and the cat is physically unable to spit out what has got into her mouth. Therefore, she swallows it – and yet it can be a splinter of a broken toy or a “rain” of sharp foil…

Exactly a year ago, we already talked about how to ensure New Year’s cat security. But these, as you know, were comic ways…

In order not to overshadow the New Year holiday with a trip to the veterinarian and even worse, you need to remember a few rules:

  • a spinning stand for the Christmas tree will make the cat show even more interest in the “green alien”, so there are fewer miracles of technology – the health of the cat is more important!
  • refuse glass toys, replace them with plastic or wooden: even if a cat pushes such a toy from a Christmas tree, it will not break, and the cats will not be injured. You, by the way, too;
  • watch the strength of the threads for which the toys are hung on the branches, and it is better to completely replace them with ribbons;
  • Christmas tree tinsel, “rain”, synthetic wool for decoration – taboo! If a cat swallows them, be in trouble. Even if you can’t do without all this in any way, then hang it so that the animal cannot reach them.

But remember that cats are real climbers!

They say that there are still ways to protect the tree from the cat or cat from the tree. For example, some offer to surround the tree with tangerines – supposedly their smell can scare away cats. We checked – it does not work. In any case, not with everyone.

So cats are not against the Christmas trees at all: they are only for it! Well, the fact that the trees after this “for” often fall is because they simply can’t resist the cat’s frivolity :)).

Happy and calm New Year to you and your beloved cats!

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