It all started with Barbra Streisand. More precisely, from her dog Samantha, and more precisely – from a magazine article that told how the star cloned her favorite. After reading this article, Brian Ballerdick of North Carolina, USA, literally perked up. The thing is that Brian and his wife Ashley lived in the house with a cat named Cinnabun, and she would soon be 19 years old. The age by cat’s standards, of course, is very advanced, and the couple understood that the time when the Bun went on a rainbow was not far off. And they decided.

The bells and whistles purchased the DNK kit at ViaGen Pets, the same company that helped to clone Barbra Strazaand. The acquisition cost them $ 25 thousand, but Brian and Ashley claim that they do not regret that they spent such an impressive amount.

They loved their cat too much because she lived with them since 1999 – from the moment of their wedding. “Our children grew up with her, every night she slept on a pillow next to my wife,” recalls Brian. “And if there was a chance of having such a cat again, we should have tried.”

Blocks did not pass after a month after that, as a couple decided on cloning. The clone kitten appeared on the light on February 4, and a month later, the Balleriks could already take it home.

The result turned out to be positive!

“Ha look, they are indistinguishable,” Ashley says, “even the character is good, both of them are evil.” The kitten also decided to call it Bun. Crusty Bun (Cinnabun 2.0), also likes to sleep next to Ashley’s “mom”, and the owners are glad that they decided on this unusual step.

So what about having to part with money? Some spend no less on vacation, clothes, entertainment, and these people got a favorite, with whom they will spend many more years…

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