Do not sing, beauty, with me!

Liz Kronyak is from New Jersey, USA, 29 years old, and she loves to sing. Her black and white cat Helen is two years old, and she cannot stand the singing of her mistress. So that whenever Liz sings a song, Helen rushes at it. Sometimes it is carried by a bullet, sometimes it sneaks up unnoticed.

And well, Liz would have sung badly – no, with her vocal abilities, everything is fine with her. But the fact remains: the cat clearly does not like her musical experiences. “At first I didn’t understand why Helen rushed into my face and only after several such cases I folded two and two and finally realized that my singing terribly annoyed her. As soon as I start singing, the cat starts attacking me immediately, and sometimes it sneaks around the corner and waits for the moment to throw, ” Liz shares.

At the same time, the cat doesn’t try to harm her man at all: all her claws are in place, the mistress doesn’t cut them, but the kitty never puts this cat weapon in action. She asks Liz to shut up, that’s all.

Despite regular attacks, the girl is not angry with her cat and does not consider her aggressive. “Helen is just a little ball of fun. I know that this is just her playful character, she has so much fun, and I’m glad about it. A cat who loves to play pranks is a happy, healthy, trusting cat, ” says Miss Kronyak.

And really, why get mad at your pet, even if it behaves strangely? It’s much more fun to have an Instagram dedicated to a singing girl and a cat who does not like music!

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