Either cats, or people

There is probably not a single “cat man” in the world who would not be familiar with these amazing cats – in any case, everyone in Russia knows them. The St. Petersburg Cats series by Vladimir Rumyantsev is a true symbol of the Northern capital, along with the Bronze Horseman and a boat on the spire of the Admiralty.

A wonderful artist, although born in Cherepovets, lived for many years in St. Petersburg, and therefore his paintings are thoroughly imbued with the spirit of this amazing city. His cats are the real native Petersburgers: smart, ironic, intelligent. Just like people!

They walk along the city promenades …

… arrange dates on the famous St. Petersburg roofs …

… they love to sing cruel romances with a guitar or violin …

What is it, they are with Pushkin himself on a short leg!

By all appearances, Vladimir Rumyantsev adored cats. It is known that it was he who invented the logo of the world-famous St. Petersburg Cat Museum.

And even the artist painted his own self-portrait “with the participation” of a cat: a mustachioed-striped comfortably settled on his right shoulder – as his best friend and guardian angel.

The theme of cats and angels Vladimir Rumyantsev addressed more than once.

Maybe he had a presentiment, or maybe he knew for sure that they – cats and angels – were doing the same thing: they were saving our souls.

On October 9, 2019, the artist died. He was only 62 years old. He left, but his radiant cats will stay with us forever.

Easy way across the rainbow, Master…

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