Guardian angels

People often call their favorite cats their guardian angels. But it happens the other way around: a man saves a cat. Here are some video testimonies of the miraculous rescue of seals on the roads.

The first story, Russia. How this tiny kitten appeared on a busy highway, alas, we will never know, because cats do not know how to speak. One way or another, a trembling defenseless lump nearly died under the wheels of racing cars. And the worst could happen if it were not for a resident of Kaliningrad Denis Degtyarev. He drove in a car with his children and, pitying a living creature, stopped and got out of the car. Oh, happiness, the kitten was alive! Denis and his children not only saved the baby but also helped him find new owners. An act worthy of a real man!

History Two, Brazil. And this story is almost funny – you just see how its protagonist smiles! This is Victor Fonseca, a cyclist. Conducting another training session on the highway, he saw a striped kitten sitting on the road and meowing plaintively. So pitiful that Victor immediately decided to take him with him. Since the athlete did not have a bag or a backpack with him, he attached his “find” right under his jacket. At first, the cat squeaked but quickly realized that it was safe. On the same day, Victor found his new friend a new home, posting this video on social networks.

The third story, Russia. And this video was posted on the Internet by a girl under the name Nastya Just. She simply could not help but do it, because the video tells about her dad, who saved a cat’s life. The three-colored kitten almost fell under the wheel in front of the car, but Nastya’s dad noticed it in time. The man abruptly ran out of his car with a cry: “Stop! Wait! ” Fortunately, the baby remained alive, and his savior, obviously, became happier – just listen to how the music in the video changes dramatically 🙂

The fourth story, France (according to other sources – Belgium). There are different versions of the scene of this incident on the Web, but the essence remains unchanged: the male motorcyclist saved the cat from imminent death. Seeing right on the dividing strip of the track a red lump cowering in fear, a stern biker rushed to his aid. And, as it turned out, he was not alone in his desire to save the baby: the driver of the car was already running to pick up the camelina, who immediately stopped, noticing the animal. Have you often seen two adult men holding a small cat and shining with joy?

The fifth story, Russia. This story happened in Moscow, at the intersection of Glory Avenue and Sophia Street. The kitten fell out of a passing jeep. How he got there is a mystery: maybe he climbed into the car in the parking lot, and then he jumped down, or maybe – I don’t want to, of course, believe in it – he was simply thrown out of the window of a foreign car. And it would be trouble, but KamAZ turned out to be near cat’s happiness. His driver, despite the fact that it was difficult to see a tiny creature from the heavy truck’s cabin, stopped, picked up a kitten and put him in his cabin. Long live simple Russian drivers!

The sixth story, Peru. Kind and helpful people live in all corners of the planet! In the Peruvian city of Lima, a policeman lives, whose name we do not know, but his good deed is captured in the video. The author of the video is Lauren Castro. Driving along the highway, the lady noticed a small kitten. Lauren stopped right there, but her help was not needed, because the policeman had already taken control of the situation. He ordered Madame Castro to stay in the car, without thinking for a second, stopped a huge tourist bus and carried the cat off the roadway. I took advantage, so to speak, of my official position for the sake of saving my life! As befits a humble hero, the officer wished to remain anonymous, but thanks to the Internet he is now known in the face of thousands of people.

Take care of your cats!

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