Snow cats

We have been waiting for her for so long, and she still came: winter is finally in central Russia! Remember, like Pushkin’s in “Eugene Onegin”: “That year, autumn weather / I stood for a long time in the yard. / Waiting for winter, waiting for nature / Snow fell only in January? After the abnormally warm December, after the snowless New Year, we found ourselves in a real winter tale: everyone flies from snow-white flakes flying from heaven. Both people and animals.

Speech in this article, however, will not be about Russia, but neighboring Finland. More precisely, about the cats that live there – and just like us now, they enjoy the snow.

Sampycat is an Instagram account dedicated to a beautiful cat named Sampi, as well as her friends Hiskias Häeppponen, Emery and Nelly.

Really handsome?

And all because these seals are representatives of the Norwegian Forest breed. True, the owner of Sampi, photographer Rikka Hadman (she leads this wonderful Instagram) says that her pet is a Finnish domestic cat, but in fact, the fact remains: these are Norwegians!

By the way, cats of this breed are most not in Norway itself, but in neighboring Sweden. As you can see, in Finland too – that is, this breed could probably be called the “Scandinavian cat”.

But it was called the Norwegian Forest and declared the national breed of Norway. According to legend, these are the cats – with long and flowing white hair that were harnessed to the chariot of Freya, the Scandinavian goddess of love and fertility. They say they were so big and heavy that even Thor himself, the supreme god of the Scandinavians, could not hold them in his arms!

Representatives of this breed are really large in size, as well as good health, vigor, and activity throughout almost their entire lives.

And of course, the characteristic feature of these cats is luxurious, thick and long fur.

And the love of winter…

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