The Secret Life of Fur Seals

Once an Englishwoman Maren Huck, a university professor, and biologist, received a very unusual gift from her cat, Treacle: when she returned from a walk, she dragged into the house … a huge falcon. “How did she deal with such booty?” “Maren wondered,” when Trickle and I spent time in the garden, she spent a lot of time sleeping and washing, probably because she felt safe next to me. ” But, as it turned out, the cat didn’t behave so peacefully without the supervision of “Kotomama”! Maren found out about this after she attached a micro camera to her pet’s collar and watched the resulting video for half a year. The conclusion made by the scientist is this: cats behave very differently next to a person and in solitude. Trickle, for example, left alone, made fewer sounds and became very alert.

Maren Hack continued her experiment with Samantha Watson: two learned ladies began to observe sixteen cats. After four years of research, they said: “Cats are considered very lazy creatures, especially when compared to dogs. However, we found that outside the home they became much more active and super alert. Cats check the perimeter all the time, sometimes for an entire hour. And although they have a very developed instinct for protecting their territory, having discovered other cats there, they do not always enter into a fight with them. Often cats just sat opposite each other at a distance of several meters for half an hour. And sometimes cats even greeted each other, slightly touching their noses. ” However, you can see all this yourself in the video that Maren and Samantha mounted.

This, of course, is far from the only video about the “secret life of pets” that can be found on the Internet. Here’s how, for example, a dog named Joule and cat Kelvin behave when their mistress leaves for work.

That is, left together, these two pets do not quarrel, much less fight, but get along very well with each other. But we people think very differently, we even came up with a saying: “They live like a cat with a dog!” But it turns out that the cat and dog live quite peacefully … when we do not see them. Well, really, sheer mercy?

Another curious cat owner decided to find out how many cats actually sleep – after all, they say that they only do this. To do this, he put on his Briton his fitness bracelet, and then simply looked at the resulting data. “For two days I found out: the cat sleeps, unlike me, 13-15 hours a day, moreover, the tracker mockingly said that this is not the limit and many sleep even more”:

Well, this is the experimental “rabbit” itself during the experiment.

And finally, another cat video: it was shot on a GoPro camera attached to a cat collar. True, the video is a little staged, but funny and funny.

And what do your pets do when you are not at home?

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