They deserve it!

March 1, the first day of spring, in Russia is celebrated Cat Day. Yes, March 1st is the main feline day. Coincidence? We don’t think But we think it’s great to arrange a “cat concert” in honor of the holiday that is, to make a selection of music videos dedicated to cats.

Where do we start? With beautiful children’s voices! The famous choir of boys from the city of Poznan, also known as the Polish Nightingales, performs the song CAT alunia, and it’s great!

How, on the Day of Cats and Cats, can do without the most, perhaps, the famous cat musical? This, of course, is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” and the most moving “Memory” aria performed by Evelyn Page.

And this lovely theme is featured in the movie Cats Aristocrats. Wonderful performance of a cappella From foreign music to Russian and Soviet. Even Vladimir Vysotsky himself paid tribute to cats! Probably, many remember the song of the Cheshire Cat from the musical performance “Alice in Wonderland”. Listen to her again.

The fervent song about the black cat was written more than half a century ago in 1963. Her first performance was Tamara Miansarova. And although since then, who just did not sing about the kind and unlucky black cat, we decided to find for you a record of this particular singer.

March, although the beginning of spring, is not the warmest month. Winter does not want to leave, on the contrary, it scares people and animals with frost and snowstorms. So we would have frozen if it weren’t for “Warm Cats” Fleur sings about them.

Having started our concert with children’s voices, we want to end it with a children’s song albeit performed by quite adult musicians Tatiana and Sergey Nikitin. Because cats, like love, are submissive to all ages!

Happy holiday to your dear cats, cats, and kittens, dear amateurs!

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