When black cats have a day off

Friday the 13th is a day that is considered to bring disaster and misfortune. Many people think that this is truly a “hellish” combination when all the negative signs work with a particular force. These are pessimists. Other people, who are more optimistic, claiming that they also believe in signs, but exclusively in good ones! There are still others (pessimists? Optimists? Rather, humorists) who joke: Friday, the 13th is the day when black cats have a day off. Well, this version has the right to life, because there are many signs and superstitions associated with black cats well, no less than with this very unfortunate Friday, which managed to fall on the thirteenth day of the next month.

In fact, black cats have their own “holiday”, and it is celebrated on November 17th. The day of the black cat was invented by witty Italians, and celebrate it in many countries of the world. However, November is still far away, and we love cats, blacks and everyone else, so we decided: “black” (note, in quotation marks!) The date is the best time to once again recall the delightful creations that differ from their counterparts only wool. About black cats!

Superstition number one: if a black cat crosses your path, expect disaster. In such cases, not too impressionable citizens simply spit over their left shoulder three times, but more radical comrades can return home to “reset” their trajectory, which an innocent cat crossed so inappropriately. What prejudice! The ancient Irish, by the way, believed that the black cat that crossed the road, on the contrary, was lucky. Wise people!

By the way, there is an alternative interpretation of the popular sign: when crossing the road, the cat does not at all seek to incite disaster, it just delays the person, as if prompting him: “You don’t go there, there are troubles waiting for you!”

According to another sign, the black cat in the house promises misfortune. This is believed in many countries, but not in Scotland! There is no doubt that the “black” brings luck and wealth to the house. We always liked the Scots and you?

Another ridiculous belief: during a thunderstorm, a black cat must be thrown out of the house onto the street, otherwise it will attract lightning to itself. Well, this, excuse me, is not just stupidity it’s so close to cruelty to animals. We are sure that our dear readers will not drive the cat out of a warm and comfortable room in any weather!

Well, and a few more signs associated with black cats. In Australia, they believe that such cats bring happiness, in Russia that they protect the house from thieves. And in England, they believe that the mistress of the black cat will always be surrounded by fans.

So why are people still afraid of black cats? This is nothing more than a historically established tradition that has nothing to do with reality. Anyway, one should only believe in good omens especially on Friday, the thirteenth…

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